Kamahi Native Liquid Honey



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Poured just for you from Happy Valley’s unique liquid honey bar, liquid gold Kamahi is a smooth velvety amber honey, with a hint of malt flavour and not as sweet as most other honey types sure packs a flavour punch.
Poured straight from Happy Valley’s unique Liquid honey bar, just for you.

To see it for yourself, come in and see us at 520 Great South Road Papakura, bring your own jar or buy a container from us and we will do the rest. We can pour any amount of honey from the bar you need, and you just pay for what we pour.

When you order from the website one of our honey experts will pour a 1kg jar of Kamahi Honey- buttery golden-yellow in colour with a rich bouquet of flavour and after tones.

Happy Valley's Kamahi honey has a smooth creamy texture and is packed full of natural goodness and taste with a natural and distinctive aroma. Most Kamahi honey is produced on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island where the native Kamahi tree grows abundantly in the forest canopy. Honeybees can be found gathering the nectar from the spike of small, creamy white flowers in spring.
Kamahi Native Liquid Honey


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Kamahi Native Liquid Honey
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