Tawari Native Honey

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Tawari is light in colour with a beautiful taste similar to butterscotch, this honey is packed full of flavour, taste and natural goodness.
Happy Valley’s Tawari is unique and straight from the New Zealand forests, Tawari is light in colour with a beautifully rich yet subtle flavour with overtones of butterscotch.

The Tawari tree is unique to New Zealand. From October through December, the trees are covered in masses of creamy white flowers, attracting honeybees to gather the sweet nectar.

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Tawari honey, with it’s sweet flavour profile lends itself well to deserts and baking. It is very popular with dessert chefs as it is an ideal companion to fresh fruit platters as well as in sauces and fillings.


Add lashings on breakfast cereals, drizzle on toast and in tea.

Feeling adventurous? Whip up pancakes and serve with a sweet honey cream, or add it to your favourite smoothie. 


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Tawari Native Honey
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