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Creamy yet Squeezable

Premium taste – but at the same time it's raw, so it's not heat treated and minimal processing. Add it to anything that needs a touch of happiness. The perfect honey for the busy kitchen


This product range is a perfect blend of Happy Valleys premium tasting Clover honey, in a convenient squeezy format. Taste has not been compromised- nor has the quality of your honey.

Clover honey has a mild and delicate sweetness, that most pallets and people expect when buying a honey- the perfect sweetener for any cooking.

This honey delivers on sweetness, but with lower sucrose levels and unprocessed like traditional sugar.

So throw away your sugar and sweeten everything from hot drinks, baking and cooking with our Squeezy Clover honey. 

This honey has been made with ample happiness and love ensuring it is raw just how nature intended it. That means no heat treatment and minimal and gentle processing. From our hive to yours. 

Exsqueeze – me honey,

Looking for something sweet?

Happiness comes in liquid form….

So squeeze me, spoon and wrap your lips around our honey just the way nature intended it,

  • Love the Happy Valley Bees x


  • Less wastage
  • No sticky fingers
  • No Spoon required
  • Kids can use it
  • Premium Taste
  • Raw and no heat treatment
  • Minimal and gentle processing


  • Have it close by to sweeten all of your cooking and recipe – handy hint- keep it alongside your seasonings, S&P and cooking Oils to get that perfect flavour into your meals
  • Drizzle straight onto toast
  • Pour on top of cereal – especially porridge
  • Squeeze into smoothies
  • Drizzle over desserts, pancakes & waffles
  • Recipe sweetener
  • Alternative for refined sugar in hot drinks
    Squeezy Clover Honey
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    Yasmine S.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Easy, spill proof, delicious

    Muatasem A.
    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
    very good item

    This is very good item and it is handy to use it by all family members, particularly the kids


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    Squeezy Clover Honey
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