Mānuka Honey + Benefits

Mānuka – natural in New Zealand

Growing naturally in the pristine and wild rugged and remote areas of New Zealand is the Mānuka tree.  (Leptospermum scoparium)- a tree that has been revered for its healing properties for centuries. It is here while the tree is flowering for only a few weeks a year the manuka nectar is

Mānuka - Sourced with Happiness:

We source the most pure manuka honey, located in the most remote parts of New Zealand, where our bee keepers drive remote and isolated roads, hike in or helicopter in – all in our quest to harvest the best product nature has created.

The end result is a raw, no GMO wild and unpasteurised manuka honey that is sources, extracted and packed in New Zealand by us to ensure quality and transperancy.

Trusted and Traced from the hive to your home.

We can track the honey in your jar right back to the hive and location. All of this information is stored in your unique Batch information printed on each jar of honey. It is here you can see the independent testing and Certified UMF results for that unique jar of honey.


Our Rating System:

We know, its super confusing out there. Not everyone uses the same rating system – and even worse not every rating system is equal. Some are just a content claim. We agree- it doesn’t make your job easy and that’s why we use the UMF ® Grading System. It’s an independent association and industry best practice in New Zealand. It means we are audited to ensure we don’t just say it meets the rating number you are buying- it does. To find out more about our grading systems click here 


Mānuka uses and benefits:


Natural Mānuka honey is special - there is no doubt about it. There is extensive scientific research studies supporting the natural benefits of manuka honey. 

But.. due to New Zealand regulations around claims on food products we can't always tell you them here on our website.

So to find out about all of the natural health benefits due to its unique chemical makeup that is different to other honeys we suggest heading over to our Blog posts or reading some of our amazing customer reviews and reading about how to enjoy your manuka honey.

Below are just a few of the uses our customers have told us: .

  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Helps healthy immune 
  • Known to help soothe coughs & sore throats
  • Natural Sweetener
  • Superfood alternative 
  • Winter wellbeing boost
  • Natural energy boost
  • DIY beauty treatments