Bee Venom - Nature’s healer & Pain relief

Venom from bees (bee sting) has long been used to assist the human body's response to muscle and joint problems due to age, disease or injury. Bee Venom has properties that help promote blood circulation by stimulating the pituitary-cortical system aiding the body’s natural ability to respond to pain.

Bee Venom is collected naturally without hurting the bees in the process.

Specialist Bee Keepers place glass collection frames over the hive with wire electrodes installed, a current is pulsed through the frame and with an electro stimulator recording pulses, Bees that come into contact with the frame receive a very mild electric current that promotes them to sting against the frame and the bee free to fly away to the hive. The frames with the fresh dried bee venom on them are carefully packed into a special container for transportation to the laboratory.

Approximately 33,000 bee stings = 1 gram of Bee Venom..

We only use New Zealand Bee Venom VENZ™ which is collected here in NZ by modernised patented technology (Patent #329585) which allows for collecting high quality venom without harming the bees.


If you have never had a bee sting before and just want to be sure that you are not allergic try the following allergy test. Also, if you are allergic to bee stings, take the following simple allergy test first.

On the soft skin inside your elbow smear a small amount of Bee Venom Rub crème. Wait 15 minutes, and if there is no swelling, itchiness or blistering you should not suffer from any side effects. Anybody can be allergic to Bee Venom, so we do recommend that you try our test first.


People suffering asthma or who have had serious allergic reactions to bee stings should consult their doctor before using this product. We do not recommend honey or bee products be given to children under 2 years of age.