UMF® Mānuka Honey

What is UMF®?


UMF® stands for Unique Mānuka factor and is the global, independent quality standard for Mānuka Honey.

To receive a UMF® certification, the Mānuka honey must contain all three signature UMF® compounds: Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MGO).

Buying certified UMF® Mānuka honey guarantees that you are getting genuine honey with all its associated benefits.

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Mānuka Honey Production at Happy Valley


At Happy Valley, we are proud to manage the full honey production process. From our bees to our skilled beekeepers and honey extraction team, we produce our UMF® honey in a natural, sustainable way.

We send every batch of our Mānuka Honey for independent testing, to ensure it meets both our own and UMF’s standards for purity and quality.


The UMF® Grading System Explained


The numbers you see next to the UMF® logo represent different grades of honey. A higher number means the honey contains more benefits and can be used for more targeted usage.

If you are looking for Mānuka Honey to include in your daily diet, UMF® 5+ and 10+ levels can help you to support a healthy immune system.

When using Mānuka to combat more targeted problems, a higher UMF® grade such as 15+ or 18+ will provide greater benefits.  



How to Identify Genuine UMF® Mānuka  Honey


Follow these steps to check whether your Mānuka Honey is UMF® certified:

  1. 1. Look for the quality UMF® trademark clearly stated on the front label

  2. 2. Check that the honey is packaged and labelled in New Zealand 

  3. 3. See where the honey is produced by a New Zealand company that is licensed to use the UMF® trademark. You can find the list of licensed members at

  4. 4. Look for the UMF® licensee’s brand name and license number – these should be on the front label

  5. 5. Finally, alongside the UMF® logo, there must be a rating number such as 5+ or 15+.



Why does not all Mānuka Honey has a UMF® Rating


Some honey does not contain enough MGO to receive a UMF® grade and is best used as a general sweetener without the benefits of UMF® rated honey.

Other companies choose to only state the MGO levels in their Mānuka Honey – however, this honey is rarely independently tested.

Choosing a honey product with a UMF® rating ensures you are buying genuine Mānuka Honey, verified by the internationally valued UMF® grading system for purity and quality.


Why does UMF® Certified Mānuka Honey cost more?


Mānuka Honey often costs more than standard honey for several reasons.

The native New Zealand Mānuka bush flourishes in remote, high-altitude areas, and only flowers for two to six weeks annually. These factors make it incredibly challenging for beekeepers to obtain and process pure Mānuka Honey.

The powerful health benefits of honey derived from the Mānuka bush also contribute to its high demand.

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      MGO to UMF® Conversion Chart:


      For reference, see below equivalent ratings for the MGO versus UMF® grading system.

      At Happy Valley Honey, we are proud to ship high-quality, certified UMF® Mānuka Honey to families throughout New Zealand and internationally.

      Shop our UMF 5+, UMF 10+, UMF 15+, UMF 18+ and UMF 20+ grades today to enjoy the delicious, rich taste and health benefits of Mānuka Honey in regular or squeezy honey form.


      UMF® Rating






      Methylglyoxal (MGO) mg/kg







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