New labeling guidelines for NZ Manuka released

New labeling guidelines for NZ Manuka released
MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) released the Interim Labeling Guidelines for Manuka honey with the aim to provide greater confidence and certainty for consumers looking for the genuine product. The guidelines firstly looked at what can be qualified as Manuka honey and secondly what claims can be made on labeling that complies with Food Labeling guidelines.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have developed these guidelines, with the aim to be consistent with the requirements of the Australia-New Zealand Foods Standards Code 2013, as it applies to honey.

Some of the major changes to come from the interim guidelines are what claims can be made on pack that comply with Food labelling standards. The findings have meant that only nutritional content claims can be made, so that means only ingredients in the honey can be identified and used on labelling. MPI has identified Methylglyoxal (MG or MGO) as an ingredient that can be identified in labelling and marketing Manuka honey, expressed as a minimum number of mg/kg,  MG is a key compound that occurs naturally in Manuka honey that meets Global Food Labelling requirements.

The guidelines also suggest what determines manuka-type honey, and knowing what science is emerging we are very pleased that the solution is not far away that will help the industry and consumers feel assured that they are purchasing authentic products.

What does this mean for you... our customers :

  • Nothing will change for Happy Valley in regards to the product you are purchasing and the product that is inside our jars.
  • We will be changing the wording on our labels to comply with Food Labeling guidelines
  • You can be assured that carrying the UMF® Quality trademark our products are independently tested, genuine NZ Manuka honey
  • We will continue to independently test our honey and now our test results provide the customer with more information for example:
    • MG results are shown on test results
    • UMF Rating shown on the test results