Chocolate Free Easter? But how?

Chocolate Free Easter? But how?

So I am an addict. A chocolate addict.

So I am an addict. A chocolate addict. I have known this for a long while now, and despite knowing it’s my weakness I have always justified it by telling myself ‘I need it’. So 25 days ago I embarked on my craziest idea yet- to be chocolate free.

No easy feat, especially when almost to the day supermarket aisles were lined with foiled chocolate goodness in the name of Easter. Everywhere I looked I saw chocolate.

I have been told it takes 28 days to break a habit, and that is what I am setting about to do. I have for too long eaten (a whole block) of chocolate habitually and even though I class myself as a true connoisseur with a taste for very fine chocolate indeed I have never challenged myself to break this so called habit. I have also been eating a clean and raw diet for awhile now so it made sense to really challenge myself to take out chocolate, given I justified 85% cacao and higher dark chocolate as being ’pretty much’ or close enough to clean eating.

And at day 25 – it hasn’t been that hard. I have satisfied my cravings once or twice with a cacao flavoured raw dessert (like chocolate mousse made from frozen bananas and avocado) or by simply eating fruit or a teaspoon of honey to give me that natural sugary hit.

But given it’s Easter and I also suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) I decided it was about time I looked for a suitable ‘chocolate easter egg’ replacement to indulge in over Easter.

Welcome to my amazing discovery of 3 ingredient chocolate.

I found this amazing discovery over at Homegrown Kitchen and knew I had to try it. Lucky I work with the best tasting honeys in NZ because I have made a few different batches today trialling different honey flavours and not only have I treated myself all of the Happy Valley team have been taste testers as well. I am happy to say – it’s almost as good as chocolate.

See the full recipe here, and I encourage you to get creative this Easter with the family. I tried to use EGG shaped fruit to coat so I could feel like I was eating an Easter Egg that was as healthy as possible. That’s why I chose Feijoas and Grapes. But the ideas could be endless.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did – but of course don’t forget that while this recipe might be raw/ refined sugar free – it is still high in fat and not something you want to eat too much of 

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