DIY Bee Water Station

DIY Bee Water Station

Help Feed the bees – with water

Why make a bee waterer?


Help hydrate our pollinators. Just like us humans, bee’s need water to thrive. But getting water sadly is not always that easy. With an increase of pesticides and chemicals it can be hard for bees to access clean water.

To help the bees out so they can continue creating delicious honey put a bowl of water out for them to drink from. Make sure to add some rocks and sticks so the bees have something to land on to drink.

Just like you would with any of your pet’s water bowl, you should change this water every few days.

What you need to make a bee waterer:


Bowl or container
Clean Water
Rocks & Sticks 

How make a bee waterer:


Find a bowl or container that you allow to use and that you can place outside.

Fill the bowl/container with clean water.

Add some rocks & stick to the clean water container/bowl. This gives the bees something to stand on when they go to drink the water.

Place the bowl/container of clean water outside where you make find bees around.

Change water every few days and help save the bees!

Bee waterer


Other bee watering station ideas: bird bath with rocks ( places for them to land on), hang a hummingbird feeder with water, any gravity-fed/self-filling pet bowl with rocks in it.