Eating honey for hangovers?

Eating honey for hangovers?

Could honey be your new hangover cure?


That's right, honey may well be another great natural step in helping to cure your hangover!

After a few too many Hot Toddys or Black Cherry Cocktails the mornings can be hard, now the best cure for any hangover will always be time, but honey may help to speed up the process. 

Why does honey help relieve hangovers?


Honey contains higher levels of fructose than sugar. Fructose is know to help the body covert the toxin acetaldehyde (a by-product of alcohol), into acetic acid a less toxic toxin.

The faster we get rid of the acetaldehyde from our system, the faster our hangover can start to disappear!

According The Royal Society of Chemistry to the "The best breakfast is toast and honey (or golden syrup) which provides the body with the sodium, potassium, and fructose which it now needs."

So although the greatest healer for a hangover is time, eating honey can help to minimise the effects whilst our body does the rest.  

More hangover tips:


1. Drink lots of water
2. Drink electrolytes
3. Drink a glass of milk before dinking 
4. Stick to clear alcohol like gin or vodka
5. Drink lots of water throughout the night (or at least before you go to bed)
6. Eats some carbs 
7. Have an anti-inflammatory pain reliever 
8. Sweat it out with exercise