Immunity vs. A Virus

It’s always scary when there is a global viral or bacterial outbreak, such as Coronavirus. The question is always asked – how can I take preventative care? In times of outbreaks, you follow guidelines such as washing your hands and staying clear of those who are sick, but is there more you can do to place an increased importance of immunity strength? The bees might have a few answers to that.


Mānuka Honey:

Mānuka honey has antibacterial properties (see What’s special about Active Manuka Honey), meaning it can assist in combating germs and bacteria. This will help promote good bacteria in your system, leading to a healthy immune system.

In addition, Mānuka honey has antiviral and anti-inflammatory characteristics (see Feasibility Study: Honey for Treatment of Cough in Children). The World Health Organisation has acknowledged honey as a demulcent due to its power to relieve inflammation and irritation (see Feasibility Study: Honey for Treatment of Cough in Children). Honey does this by building a protective film in the throat, which is also incredibly effective in soothing sore throats.

Mānuka honey has proved itself worthy in various medical studies of respiratory tract infection (URI), and decreasing the frequency and severity of coughs (see Honey in Pediatrics).

Moreover, it’s important to note that there have been no cases of bacteria building resistance to UMF® Mānuka honey (see The unusual antibacterial activity of medical grade Leptospermum honey), unlike some antibiotics.

Not all Mānuka honey will have these miraculous results, however. Those with high UMF ratings are more potent, so we recommend UMF® 15+ to 20+ as the MGO content is high.



Propolis extract is natures antiseptic. One of its main purposes is to protect the bee’s hive from disease, meaning it must be sterile and antibacterial. Luckily, it’s both. So, along with Mānuka honey, propolis is an effective immune booster as it fights bacteria and infections.

Propolis is both an antioxidant and an antiviral. These properties help to strengthen the body’s immune system and fight viruses.


Bee Pollen:

Bee pollen is a natural multi-vitamin and is considered a ‘complete food’. By ‘complete food’ we mean that it contains nearly all the nutrients needed for a human to be healthy. On top of this, bee pollen helps to fight bad bacteria, in turn boosting immunity.

So, the bees offer many options for immunity boost, some with different merits than others. It’s essential to stay healthy and well when there are viral bugs spreading.