On-The-Go Mānuka Honey Sticks

On-The-Go Mānuka Honey Sticks

Always wished you could take the benefits of Mānuka honey on-the-go? 

Is your jar of Mānuka too big, awkward & precious to take on to the office, on holiday or on your adventures? 

We hear you!


Never have to be without the benefits of Mānuka Honey. Introducing our On-The-Go Mānuka honey sticks!

With over 40 years of experience, we at Happy Valley are on the true pursuit of happiness all the way from the hive to your home. ⁠

And now you can enjoy our Mānuka honey and all its benefits whenever and wherever you go, with our individual, single serve packets of Mānuka honey.

Take your daily dose of Real New Zealand Mānuka honey almost anywhere, anytime.⁠⁠

That’s right!

We somehow fit ALL the benefits of 5+ and 10+ Mānuka honey into this tiny, compact packet that is the perfect single-use size with recyclable packaging. ⁠ 

Individual Mānuka Honey for your Travels: 


Travel can take a toll on our bodies; less routine means good habits like taking your supplements are forgotten, reduce sleep can result in diminish immunity and increase close encounters within confined areas, may in turn increase our chances of getting sick.

With borders beginning to open and travel happening again, take the benefits of Mānuka honey whenever and wherever you go.





There is nothing better than sitting down with a warm cuppa at work. But we all know the catastrophe that is the office shared kitchen. Nothing is safe in shared workplace areas, including that special jar of benefits; Mānuka honey. 

We know Mānuka honey isn't cheap, for many reason, so it's definitely not something you share with the all of your co-workers. 



Support your immunity, sweeten your drinks and get out of those mid-day work slumps with our single serve Mānuka Honey sticks.

Hide our packs of 10's or 30's in your desk or at the back of the work cupboard. No more to sneaky teaspoons full of your precious Mānuka will go missing!


Outdoor Activity:


Right after you've put yourself through the exhilarating exertion of a workout, we all know it's important for you to refuel your body. ⁠

Mānuka honey has many benefits to offer you:

  • Helps balance blood sugar levels⁠
  • Can enable quick recovery ⁠
  • Provides antioxidants and other nutrients⁠ ⁠

Adding honey to your workout routine is great for keeping your sugar levels balanced since it has a lower glycemic index than carbohydrates and processed sugars.

It can help to provide enough fuel for your body and supply it with enough new energy.⁠ ⁠



Natural honey contains as many antioxidants as spinach, garlic and apples, dark honey contains more of them, Happy Valley’s Mānuka Honey contains up to four times more nutrients than normal flower honey. ⁠ ⁠

Learn more about the benefits of eating honey after exercise here.

Some of the nutrients are amino acids, B vitamin group, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, Zinc and Phosphorus, to name just a few.⁠ ⁠

So, taking a few tablespoons of honey after a workout can keep you in a good shape and healthy!⁠

What about the packaging?



Want to try our On-The-Go Mānuka Honey sticks but concerned about the plastic? We totally understand your worry!⁠

That's why we made sure that the plastic used to create our Mānuka Honey sticks is made from recycled plastic, and is fully recyclable.⁠ Both our 10s and 30s packaging are recyclable as well. 

But, even then we know we can do even better for our girl Mother Nature. So we are currently working on developing a compostable solution for the future!


How do you use honey packets in your life?


We think our Mānuka Honey Sticks are prefect for any activity On-The-Go; from traveling, working out, or in the office. 

Use one stick for your daily needs, drizzle it over food, stir it into a hot drink, or suck it straight from the stick to support everyday health and wellness. ⁠


Where can you buy our individual honey packets?


You can purchase your on-the-go Mānuka Honey Stick right here on our website or from our Auckland, Dury store today!