Make a DIY Bee Hotel

Make a DIY Bee Hotel

Help save the Bees – with a bee hotel

Why make a bee Hotel?


Help reenergize our pollinators. Just like us humans, bee’s need to rest to thrive. But finding a safe place to rest sadly is not always that easy. With less tree and long grass in cities, finding a place to rest can be hard.

To help the bees out so they can continue creating delicious honey create a DIY bee hotel for them to stop and rest. This Bee hotel we suggest using what ever you can find, but to create a really sturdy and long lasting we suggest using wood for the structure and bamboo.

This hotel will not mean your bees with create a hive and honey here, it is a simply a place to rest on their buzzy day. You may even find other insects enjoy a stay at you bee hotel too.

What you need to make a bee hotel:


A plastic container
A pen, pencil, or sharpie (anything round to wrap the paper around)
Paper bags

How to make a bee Hotel:


Collect all the items you need to create a bee hotel.

Get an adult to help cut one end of a plastic bottle off and puncher two holes in it (for the string to go through and hang it)

Measure the length of the bottle and cut straps of paper to the length of your bottle, you can cut the width a variety of different sizes. The amount of paper you will need depends on how big your bottle and paper straws are.

Thread a string from one hole to the other tying off at each end to create a handle.

Roll each piece of paper around a pencil to create a “straw” shape.

Add each rolled up paper straw to the bottle until it is packed filled (you want this to be packed tightly so they don’t fall out).

Hang in your yard and wait for tired bees to come rest.


DIY finish product