Mānuka Honey & Novak Djokovic's Success

Mānuka Honey & Novak Djokovic's Success

Mānuka Honey a top ingredient to Novak Djokovic success in tennis 


In "Serve To Win" published in 2013 Novak Djokovic revels New Zealand Manuka Honey as one of his key element of success nutritionally.

Novak was already playing high on the ranks on the tennis court before he truly looked into how what he eats effected his time on court, now he credits nutrition is for his success.

So how does Novak adds New Zealand Mānuka to his diet?

Mānuka honey a daily morning routine:


Now this might be surprising to you, because it was surprising to us.
But the second thing Djokovic does in the morning after having a tall glass of room temp water, is have two teaspoons of New Zealand Mānuka honey.

Why you may ask? Because after hydrating yourself from a 8 hour sleep your body also needs sugar to survive

Not processed sucrose found in chocolate, fizzy drinks and lollies. But fructose - found in fruits, some vegetables oh and in honey!

When you consume honey and fruits the intake of fructose is slower. So you don't get the high and lows as much as you do when you have process sugars like fizzy drinks. 

Not only does Mānuka Honey keep fuel the body it is packed with antibacterial properties to help support your immunity and more - find out the benefits of Manuka honey here!

 Mānuka honey to stay match fit:


Not only does Novak have Mānuka second thing in the morning, but he includes Mānuka honey along side dates ( both high in fructose) in his between set snacks.

We totally agree, honey is a great pick me up between and after working out making it one of the many reasons we creates our On The Go Mānuka Honey Range!