Manuka Honey on Animals

Manuka Honey on Animals

Can you use Manuka honey on your pets?


The medicinal powers of honey has been known for thousands of years... but Mānuka takes the benefits of honey to the next level.

You may have heard of Mānuka honey being used on animals during the 2020 Australian bush fires and wondered if Mānuka could be used on your pets too and the answer is yes!


Mānuka honey on wounds & burns:


Not only can you add Mānuka honey to help heal your wounds, Mānuka honey can help your pets too!

Mānuka honey has been used on wounds for:

- Dogs
- Cats
- Horses
- and other pets.


The great results of Mānuka honey helping to heal a horses fence injury.


Mānuka Honey to support gut health: 


Majority of the time Mānuka honey is not only safe to put on your pets wounds but its also safe to feed to your pets and has incredibly beneficial for pets health!

But just like humans there are also instants where you should stay away from adding Mānuka to your pets diet.

Avoid give your pets Manuka honey if they are: 

- Under a year old (due to botulism) 
- Obese


Just like you would with your doctor, you should always consult your vet if Mānuka honey is a good choice for your pet.