Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

How we can help you in your journey to reduce plastic in your home


Honey is a natural product, created by the joining of nature and it's environment, making the land and bees our most precious resource. So we are passionate about looking after Mother Nature just as much as she looks after us.



Beeswax is a remarkable by-product of honey, not only is it sustainable, it has a lovely scent, and a long list of things you can use it for:

- Reusable food wraps
- Beeswax candles
- DIY beauty products: soap, Heel Balm, beeswax deodorant, deep moisture balm (the list goes on)
-  Cold and Flu Relief
- Wood and Polish Sealant

Learn more about beeswax and it's usages - here!


 Beeswax box

Honey Bar:


Did you know that if you visit us in our Auckland Happy Valley Store we can reuse any container you may have and fill it with our delicious Liquid Native Honey Range; Kamahi, Mānuka, Rewarewa or Wildflower.

Poured fresh from our unique Liquid Honey bar. Our liquid honey is ideal for those who like the runny consistency for their baking, cooking and hot drinks or just loves to help save our world one plastic container at a time!

#reuse #recycle 

 Honey bar instore Happy Valley

Glass Packaging:


We offer a range of our honeys in glass packing instead of Recycled PET packaging. But keep in mind while using glass may reduce plastic, using glass is not always a more sustainable approach.

Don't forget you can reuse your glass jars for multiple things, our personal favorite is a beeswax candle! 

#reuse #recycle 


Recycled PET Packaging:


Doesn’t take a genius! Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester.

One of the best things about PET is it can be recycled again back into food grade quality packaging.  Not only that, PET can be recycled into carpet, your clothing, other packaging, car parts, building materials and so much more! 



 little boy running happy in woods


We know we are no means prefect when it comes to reducing waste, but as some say: we don't need perfect, we need a lot of people doing a little bit of something.

That does not mean we are being complacent either, we are working daily on new packing, which will not only bring you the benefits from the hive, but will benefit our girl mother nature too!


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