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Quick Guide to Skincare Routine Changes for Each Season

Quick Guide to Skincare Routine Changes for Each Season

Season changes bring new weather, new wardrobes and a new skincare routine. This blog brings you everything you need to know about a change in season and how your body may react. This will help you to make proactive skincare decisions for each change in season!

Summer to Autumn/Winter:

The summer brings beautiful, sunny weather (most days) which tends to be accompanied by warm and humid air. This means that our skin will usually get rather oily. As the weather cools, our skin tends to dry out. This gets especially worse if you already suffer from dry skin.

Here are some recommendations for a new skin routine ideal for the colder seasons:

1. Creamy cleansers:

    It’s important to gently cleanse your face before applying any moisturiser. It’s best to choose a creamy cleanser, as this will do the most in terms of moisturising your skin and won’t dry it out.

    Our Royal Skin Gentle Cleanser is both gentle and hydrating, making it especially beneficial during the colder weather. The 15+ Mānuka honey helps to cleanse, while the Royal Jelly nourishes and gives you a healthy, natural glow.

    2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise:

    Moisturising your face both day and night is extremely beneficial for your skin during the cold weather. It goes without saying that one of the best ways to combat dryness is with moisturiser.

    The perfect pair of moisturisers are our Royal Skin Daily Radiance Moisturiser and our Royal Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream:

    • Our day moisturiser (both with and without sunscreen) is great to use after cleansing in order to retain moisture and regenerate your skin. Although it has natural hydrating properties, it’s light and non-greasy, meaning it’s ideal to apply under makeup.
    • Our night cream deeply moisturises the skin overnight. The natural oils and nutrients help to combat winter dryness.

    3. Don’t forget the body:

    Keeping your body moisturised is just as important as your face. Moisturising your body, especially after the shower, will help your skin remain smooth and hydrated throughout the winter months.

    Our Royal Skin Hydrating Body Lotion and Rich Nourishing Hand Cream nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin. Its creamy formula helps to make your skin to glow, even during winter.


    Winter to Spring/Summer:

    Time for another change! Transitioning from cold to warmer weather requires another skincare change up. As the weather becomes more humid, your skin may start to feel more oily. So, your skin may become more likely to breakout.

    Here are some recommendations for a new skin routine ideal for the warmer seasons:

    1. Exfoliation is key:

    Exfoliation helps to clear away dead skin cells and other nasties that sit on your skin. Many people assume that exfoliators are rough and strip your skin of its good oils.

    However, this is not always the case! Our Royal Skin Brightening Exfoliator provides all the benefits of a typical exfoliator, as well as being gentle on the skin. It’s non-drying, but also not heavy and greasy; perfect for summer months!

    2. Moisturise with SPF:

    I think it’s pretty clear to say by now that moisturising is very important. During the summer months, SPF is a must!

    Our Royal Skin Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen is ideal for summer to help protect your skin from the harmful sun. For skin health, it is still important to limit time in the sun, even with sunscreen on.

    3. Hair care:

    Hair care during summer is just as vital as skincare. The heat and sun can damage your hair, so being proactive with your hair’s health is essential!

    Cue the dramatic duo; Royal Skin Reviving Shampoo and Royal Skin Nourishing Conditioner:

    • Using a more natural shampoo over the warmer months can be very beneficial for your hair, as it can help to ensure your hair doesn’t become too dry. Our Reviving Shampoo contains naturally sourced 15+ Mānuka honey and Royal jelly, which helps to naturally revive and strengthen the hair.
    • Conditioning is essential to help prevent dry, heat-damaged hair. Our Nourishing Conditioner with 15+ Mānuka honey and Royal jelly assists in energising your hair, bringing life back to dry hair.