Bee venom is very unique in its composition and has multiple effects on the body
The Amazing Benefits of Bee Venom

Bee venom is very unique in its composition and has multiple effects on the body: helps keep the blood circulation in normal, supports physical strength and well being, supports joint mobility, has anti-oxidant effects and supports the immune system. Bee Venom is known for its amazing benefits to muscle pain and inflammation.

Venom from bees stimulates pain-killing endorphins, lowers inflammation and boosts the immune system.

The 18 natural substances found in bee venom cannot be chemically reproduced and the most abundant active ingredients – mellitin, adolapin, and apamin – all have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Taken internally or used externally, Bee Venom can aid pain from sore joints all the way to helping destroy potential cancer cells.

Below are many ways Bee Venom can help your body!

How Bee Venom helps joint and muscle pain

Bee venom is believed to reduce inflammation, promote healing and offers natural pain relief. Some medical practitioners use it as a therapy for painful conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

We at Happy Valley suggest that Bee Venom is good for people suffering from rheumatoid diseases of joints and muscles, neurological diseases, and functional disorders of muscles and chords.

Traditionally, Bee Venom therapy was administered with live bees by stimulating them to sting in the affected area. Now you can get the benefits without the pain by using a bee venom rub or simply by eating bee venom honey daily.

Bee Venom and Arthritis

Bee venom contains a substance known as adolapin, which is both anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking.

Practitioners believe all the ingredients in bee venom work together to cause the body to release more natural healing compounds in its own defence. Bee venom is also said to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling.

In this case, the anti-inflammatory products help to reduce the swelling of joints during arthritis, as well as helping to relieve pain and bring blood circulation back to stubborn joints.


Happy Valley's Bee Venom Products

To incorporate Bee Venom into your daily life, give it a go for 30 or more days. 

Happy Valley’s recommended products below: 

  • BeeVenom Rub: If for external use for fast action on locatable pain. Only a very small amount is required, use when in pain, repeat as necessary. No need to rub, massage, bandage or cover.
  • Bee Venom and Honey:To enjoy the benefits of our Bee Venom & the wonderful taste of Honey take half a teaspoon morning and night before or after food. It is best to allow the honey to dissolve gradually. To resist swallowing, hold under your tongue for optimal absorption.