Honey Bubble Slice

Honey Bubble Slice is a classic from your childhood!


Our love for Honey Bubble Slice went right through to adulthood, but when we went to make it the first time, we were shocked about the amount of sugar in it! Honey and sugar? Talk about a sugar overload, no wonder the kids love it just as much as we do.


So we went ahead and made a sugar-less option. Now if you all for sugar - go ahead add it, the sugar does make this recipe stick together easier but if you pack your rice bubbles down enough and store in the fridge it's not really need. For those sugar lovers (we hear you) add about 125 grams of sugar and dissolve into to the melted butter, then add honey. 


We also sprinkled Bee Pollen on top for some extra goodness.
But you can add what ever you like - sprinkles, chocolate or some dried fruit ( Although you might not be on your kids good side for that one).

Honey Bubble Slice

Honey Bubble Slice with No Added Sugar 




- 125g butter
- 3 Tbsp. of honey ( we used Mānuka UMF 5+)
4 cups (120g) of Rice Bubbles

Ingredeinet for Rice Bubble Slice: rice bubbles in a bowl, UMF 5+ manuka & butter



In a pot, melt butter (sugar if wanted) and honey until fully dissolved.
Add in rice bubbles, mix until all the bubbles are coated well in the honey and butter mixture.
In a lined baking tray, place mixture and flatten well. 
For this you can use a oiled/parament paper on the bottom of the glass to press down with out the mixture sticking to it.
Add optional toppings: Bee Pollen, sprinkles, chocolate or dried fruit.
Place in the fridge for 2 hours, cut into slices and enjoy your childhood favorite slice.

Finished Product - Rice Bubble Slice with no added sugar