Honey Mug Cake

Honey Mug Cake

5 Min Honey Mug Cake


This one is for the light and fluffy cake lovers and those who only have 5 minutes spare! This super easy microwave mug cake recipes is  easy and tasty! Thanks to sweet2eatbaking.com for inspiring this recipe. 



3 tbsp oil
2 tbsp honey* 
1 medium egg
½ tsp vanilla extract (optional) 
2 tbsp light brown sugar
4 tbsp self-raising flour
pinch of salt

*Liquid honey is easiest, but it only take 10 seconds to warm up your creamed honey. You can really taste the honey in this recipes so make sure to pick you favorite flavour of honey - our top will always be Mānuka honey! 



1. Add the oil & honey to a mug, microwave for 10 secounds if using creamed honey to melt it down a bit, stir until combined.
2. Add egg and vanilla if using and beat until combined.
3. Add brown sugar, self-raising flour and a pinch of salt, stirring again until fully combined and the batter is smooth.
4. Cook in the microwave, time depends on your microwave, anywhere between 1 minute  and 15 seconds  to 1 minute  and 45 seconds, until cooked through and springy. 

The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for it to cool done! Even if you do even up over cooking this mug cake it is still so delicious!