Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+

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Humans have appreciated the delectable healing properties of honey since ancient times. Honey bees – experts in collecting the sugar-rich nectar of the Mānuka flower, indigenous to New Zealand –  bring you this amazing curative and exquisite food.

Mānuka honey is the perfect healthy, delicious substitute for refined sugar. Mānuka honey graded UMF® 15+ will sweeten any dish or beverage and has incredible health benefits too.

UMF® 15+ Unique Mānuka Factor

Every jar of Mānuka honey has a UMF® (Unique Mānuka Factor) rating. This rating is a global standard used to measure the antibacterial strength of Mānuka honey by identifying the key markers of Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MGO).

Mānuka honey comes in grades of 5+, 10+, 15+, 18+ and 20+. Essentially, the higher the grade, the greater the medicinal quality. Mānuka honey UMF® 15+ is much more effective against viral infections than regular honey, due to its high level of enzymes and potency.

  Meets MPI - New Zealand Government's monofloral definition

Meets UMF® Quality & Purity definitions

  Packed in New Zealand, in our own RMP Facility

Origin and Traceability

To help explain Mānuka honey MGO and UMF®:

UMF® 15+ Honey Usage Ideas

Mānuka honey rated 15+ UMF® is perfect for adding a touch of sweetener to yoghurt, granola and shakes. Other benefits include skincare – you can moisturise dry, tired skin with a hydrating Mānuka honey 15+ face mask.

As a rich source of vitamins, 1 to 2 tablespoons of UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey daily will supercharge your immune system. Beat those mid-afternoon hunger pangs with a nutritious smoothie sweetened with Mānuka honey 15+. Add it to food or drinks - or eat it straight from the spoon!

Try Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+ Today

At Happy Valley, our UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey is 100% pure and meets the strict requirements of NZ UMF® standards. Do your tastebuds and health a favour and shop our UMF® 15+ pure Mānuka honey goodness now.

Avoid exposure to high heat to protect the natural properties of the honey.

Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
$ 140 .00
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Abdullah A.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia


Excellent honey with Wonderfull taste

Hisham A.
Kuwait Kuwait


Excellent products!

Narinder S.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great taste . Strongly recommend this.

Subliminal . You wouldn’t want to go for any other brand after tasting this unique gift of nature.

kevin H.
New Zealand New Zealand

I have used Manuka Honey for many years this is the second time for you people and fine you excellent

Great use it every day 1 teaspoon


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Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
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