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People have appreciated the benefits of New Zealand Mānuka honey for thousands of years.

Our NZ UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey is bursting with natural benefits for skin and digestive health. Mānuka honey is a delicious alternative to processed sugar, suitable for any dish or beverage.

Honey bees collect the nectar from the flower of the Mānuka bush. This bush is indigenous to New Zealand, and the flowers only bloom for up to 3 months a year.

UMF® Honey - The Unique Mānuka Factor

All our Happy Valley Mānuka honey products have a UMF® (Unique Mānuka Factor) rating. UMF® rating is a global standard that measures the purity, quality and authenticity of Mānuka honey in New Zealand. The UMF® grading system identifies the presence of key markers - Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is the compound that gives Mānuka honey its remarkable benefits.

Our Mānuka honey comes in UMF® grades of 5+, 10+, 15+, 18+ and 20+. The higher the UMF® grade, the greater the potency levels. The properties in Mānuka honey graded UMF® 15+ can provide unique MGO benefits that regular honey doesn't have.

Following the guidelines of the UMF® Honey Association of New Zealand, our genuine Mānuka honey UMF® 15+ labels indicate the following:

  Meets MPI - New Zealand Government's monofloral definition

Meets UMF® quality and purity definitions

  Is packed in New Zealand, in our own RMP facility

 Contains origin and traceability information

To help explain Mānuka honey MGO and UMF®:

UMF® 15+ Mānuka Honey Usage Ideas 


 Our UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey is perfect for adding a touch of sweetener to yoghurt, granola and shakes.

 Want radiant, younger-looking skin? Try a rejuvenating and hydrating Mānuka honey face mask.

Beat those mid-afternoon hunger pangs with a nutritious smoothie sweetened with UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey. Add our honey to any food or drinks you please - or devour the honey straight from the jar!


What is UMF® in Mānuka Honey?


The UMF® (Unique Mānuka Factor) is an official product grading system for New Zealand honey. This rating assures consumers that their honey is pure and unadulterated.

Certified UMF® Mānuka honey products must meet the strict UMF® Honey Association and standards of the NZ Government. The system appraises key biological markers found only in UMF® Mānuka honey. These key markers verify the honey's quality and purity and that it has been produced and packed in New Zealand.

What is UMF® 15+ Mānuka Honey?

UMF® 15+ honey is graded based on the combined levels of the key signature markers Leptosperin, Methylglyoxal (MGO) and DHA. Mānuka honey UMF® 15+ contains the exact nutritional information as lower UMF®-rated products, but it has a higher potency. 

What does UMF® 15+ mean?

UMF® 15+ means the MGO content is 515mg/kg. The higher the honey UMF® grade, the greater the presence of MGO. This means NZ Mānuka honey UMF® 15+ has a higher potency than other lower-rated UMF® honey products

What level of Mānuka Honey is best?

The UMF® honey rating you select depends on your purpose. Choose a lower honey UMF® grade of 5+ or 10+ as a sweetener. Supplement your diet with Mānuka honey for well-being. Treat minor infections and burns with Mānuka honey UMF® 18+ or 20+. The higher-rated products contain the greatest potency of all New Zealand Mānuka honey products.


Try a Jar of Mānuka Honey Today


At Happy Valley, each batch of our UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey is 100% pure and independently tested in New Zealand. We know you'll love the quality, flavour and texture of this delicious amber nectar.

Have questions or need more information on UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey? Give our friendly team a call toll-free on 0800 520 520 or visit our Auckland store.

Do your tastebuds and health a favour and place your orders for pure UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey goodness. We offer shipping in New Zealand and worldwide. Check out our recipe ideas for more tantalising free recipes using delicious New Zealand Mānuka honey.

Have you already tried our quality New Zealand UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey? We welcome you to add a product review on our website and share your thoughts and honey tips with other New Zealand honey lovers!


Note: When storing your honey, avoid exposure to high heat to protect the natural properties of our New Zealand UMF® 15+ Mānuka honey.




Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+
A jar of 100-percent pure Manuka Honey rated UMF 15+
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Melissa F.
United States United States

Great product

My family loves this honey! Great customer service too.

cyndi s.
New Zealand New Zealand

Purchase of Mad Manuka Sale - UMF 15+ Manuka Honey MGO514+ 250gm f

It is a great product. Value for money indeed!

Moira S.
New Zealand New Zealand

Happy Valley UMF15+ Manuka Honey

To cut to the chase I have found this product amazing !! Best product for health & wellness & customer service 10/10. I use daily either straight from the jar or in a hot herbal tea. I am convinced this is what has kept the cold away & gives me energy. I'm hooked & highly recommend ! Thank you Team


Happy Valley Honey

Wow, thanks Moria for sharing your amazing experience with our Manuka honey. Welcome to what we call the 'manuka lovers club', those who can't go without the benefits of Manuka honey! Thanks again for your support, - Kate & the Happy Valley Team

Fouad A.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Happy Valley UMF 15+ sets the quality standard

My favorite honey. The taste is superb and it's the first thing everyone in the family does eating one spoonful of the Happy Valley jar.


Happy Valley Honey

Loving the sounds of morning in your household! Thanks so much for your continued support Fouad. - Kate & the Happy Valley Team x

Mustafa A.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Love the taste

One of the best, give me and my kids the daily energy and immune we need..


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Mānuka Honey UMF® 15+ A jar of 100-percent pure Manuka Honey rated UMF 15+
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