Our quality system

Happiness in a jar. When it comes to real mānuka honey, quality means purity, and vice-versa.  And since quality is what we’re all about, we settle for nothing less than the highest standards possible, from start to finish.



Regular soil testing, careful site selection and organic growing practices—just a few things we do to ensure the cleanest soil around our mānuka trees.



We maintain our own hives, and use full quality systems to track hive health. Not only that, we have total transparency of the bees’ journey from hive to nectar.



If you want something done well, do it yourself.” We do, and we do! So all honey extraction, manufacturing, and processing is done by us and us only, in our very own factories (which, by the way, have some pretty fancy accreditations). That’s how we can guarantee each step of the our process meets our high standards.  


Independent Certification & Testing

Happy Valley Mānuka Honey is genuine and true to the label — and you can trust that’s true, because we’re a member of the UMF association. That means our honey is repeatedly tested to guarantee it meets UMF-rated purity and quality, as well as our family standard of pure happiness!