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Are you looking for a natural and sustainable solution to enhance your daily life? Look no further than our premium beeswax block! Crafted from pure, high-quality beeswax, a by-product from our honey production. This versatile product can transform your routine in countless ways. Embrace sustainable solutions and unleash your creativity with beeswax blocks!
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  • Candles
  • Skincare
  • DIY Furniture
  • Waterproofing
  • Arts




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Created by nature - Beeswax

This amazing product is made by female bees within the hive for storing the colony’s honey. The process of creating New Zealand beeswax also contributes to the production of other forms of raw honey, including our very own UMF Mānuka honey. With natural antibacterial properties, New Zealand beeswax is commonly used to soothe skin conditions by assisting with inflammation and pain relief.

Beeswax blocks, handcrafted here in New Zealand available in 250gm and 900 - 1kg blocks.


Beeswax Usage Ideas

Craft exquisite candles, indulge in natural skincare, restore furniture's glow, and waterproof your belongings with this versatile product. Unleash your creativity in arts and crafts, utilize it as a natural adhesive, and explore unique applications that elevate your daily life. Embrace the wonders of beeswax blocks, the eco-friendly solution for a sustainable lifestyle. Shop now and experience the magic!

Try Beeswax for Yourself

By incorporating our beeswax block into your life, you'll not only experience the benefits of a natural and sustainable product but also unlock your creativity and explore new possibilities. Don't miss out on the versatile uses and examples that beeswax has to offer! Related Products & Information Looking for where to buy beeswax in NZ? Journey no further than beeswax blocks and products from Happy Valley Honey, quality beeswax suppliers. Shop our range of beeswax NZ-wide or overseas at a great price from our online store, or find our authorised beeswax suppliers and stockists near you. We have more than pure beeswax for sale. Our New Zealand honeycomb and chunky honey are a delicious addition to your favourite cheese platter. Discover how our Royal Jelly, Propolis, or Bee Pollen can enhance your wellbeing. Order from our full range of unique New Zealand products today. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.

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