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Discover the versatile and revitalising uses of Happy Valley Honey beeswax, for sale NZ-wide or internationally.

A valuable byproduct of the honey extraction process, the healing benefits of beeswax have been recognised since the beginning of civilisation. Discovered in pharaohs’ tombs, Roman ruins, and sunken Viking ships, beeswax is believed to have been used to treat cavities, smallpox, wounds, and burns.

This amazing product is made by female bees within the hive for storing the colony’s honey. The process of creating New Zealand beeswax also contributes to the production of other forms of raw honey, including our very own UMF Mānuka honey.

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Benefits of Beeswax


With natural antibacterial properties, New Zealand beeswax is commonly used to soothe skin conditions by assisting with inflammation and pain relief.

Natural Skincare


New Zealand Beeswax can be used to create a protective layer on the skin, helping to seal in moisture and guard against environmental damage. The vitamin A found in beeswax helps to soothe and soften skin, while supporting cell regeneration. The solidifying properties of NZ beeswax make a wonderful, safe, and natural addition to cosmetics.

Combine honey or coconut oil with beeswax to create your own lip balms, creams, and lotions.

How to Use Beeswax


Making Candles

Purchase beeswax moulds from New Zealand specialty stores, melt the wax from the block and make your own 100% natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic candles. The long-burning candles will fill your home with a natural honey aroma. Purify the air instead of polluting it, all for a much cheaper price than your average scented candle.

Beeswax Wraps

In New Zealand, using beeswax wraps is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wraps and tinfoil. You can use natural wax wraps as reusable food wraps in a variety of ways, such as the following:

Save half a fruit, such as an apple/lemon/avocado for later.
Pack fresh berries or grapes in a lunchbox.
Store a snack in your purse/pocket/briefcase.
Wrap a sandwich.
Roll up baked goods or a loaf of bread.

Other Incredible Uses for Beeswax Wraps

Encase soap while travelling.
Cover the top of open jars, carafes, or bottles.
Use it to graft two plants together.
Polish granite and furniture.
Lubricate squeaky furniture and hard to open windows and door joints.
Grease baking pans and barbecue
Coat tools and cast iron products to prevent rust.
Make your own cheese wax.

Learn more beeswax usage ideas here

How to Store


Pure and natural New Zealand beeswax remains solid at room temperature. Beeswax doesn’t spoil, but it can collect a powder coating when stored at cooler temperatures.

Use a blow dryer or soft rag to remove the ‘bloom’ from Natural NZ beeswax blocks. Keep it in a container or wrap it in plastic - or a beeswax wrap - to prevent dust from sticking to it.

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A 280-gram New Zealand beeswax block from Happy Valley.
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Gwyneth M.
New Zealand New Zealand

A big fantastic, I've had so much fun with it. No more to gladwrap for me.

Ake K.
New Zealand New Zealand
Beeswax wrap

The quality was excellent, but it was hard to grate because of the size of beeswax for making beeswax wraps.

Happy Valley Honey

Hi Ake, It is a rather large block, isn't it! Two suggestions to make it a bit easier for your next round of beeswax wraps (ain't they the best!). Either purchase our small 250g size next time they are easier to handle on a grater. Or you can use something like a chisel to break it down into smaller pieces of wax. Would love to see the outcome of the wraps feel free to tag us on Instagram - @happyvalleyhoney Thanks, - Kate & the Happy Valley Team x

Alison M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Beeswax block

Perfect for what I was needing it for. (Furniture wax). Would definitely purchase from company again. Quick service and well packaged

Jana B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Quick delivery fine product well packaged thank's very much will buy again

Emma H.
New Zealand New Zealand
The gift of bees

I ordered the beeswax to grate & melt with coconut oil & lavender to make homemade body moisturiser bars as Christmas gifts for our neighbours and the teachers at my sons school. Everyone loved them & the quality of the beeswax was awesome and smelled of rich honey.


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A 280-gram New Zealand beeswax block from Happy Valley.
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