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Enjoy the many benefits of Royal Jelly mixed with tasty honey 

We mix high-level 10-HDA Fresh NZ Royal Jelly with NZ field honey as a tasty way to enjoy unsurpassed you're well being. Royal Jelly is added to creamed honey is an edible way of taking Royal Jelly as a natural health & well-being supplement.

Royal Jelly is the food of the beautiful Queen Bee, she is fed this superfood from the day she is hatched and it is believed to be responsible for the queen bee's longevity and fertility. The queen bee grows much larger than the worker bee, lives longer and lays over 1,500 eggs per day!

Royal Jelly contains minerals and fatty acids, including the naturally occurring substance 10-HDA.

Royal Jelly and 10-HDA is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as:

 Nucleic acid
 Decanoic acid
 Enzymes &hormones
 Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6

These can help to support skin renewal, inner radiance and general wellbeing.

Happy Valley’s Fresh NZ Royal Jelly is collected right here, in Auckland New Zealand by Happy Valley. 

Learn more about Royal Jell in our blogs: Royal Jelly Skin Benefits, Royal Jelly BenefitsSix things you never knew about Royal Jelly & The Low Down of Royal Jelly

NZ Royal Jelly & Honey 357g glass jar
NZ royal Honey from NZ with pancakes
NZ Royal Jelly & Honey 357g glass jar with Royal Jelly tablets at breakfast

100% Pure, NZ Fresh Royal Jelly mixed with NZ field honey

Each jar contains 7.5gms of Fresh NZ Royal Jelly

98% NZ Honey, 2% Fresh NZ Royal Jelly.

Caution: If you suffer from asthma or have had serious allergic reactions to bee stings we recommend consulting your doctor before using our Fresh Royal Jelly products.


Dissolve 1 teaspoon under your tongue daily, let dissolve and trickle down your throat.

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Gunasekaram P.
New Zealand New Zealand

Very happy and wonderful

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
I love Happy Valley Honey

I tried Happy Valley royal jelly & honey and it taste really good it is my second favorite honey after happy valley manuka

Jeremy C.
New Zealand New Zealand

suggested composition 60% Honey, 40% RoyalJelly

Happy Valley Honey

Hello Jeremy, Thanks for all of your reviews and taking the time to provide them. Your suggestion above would be a great idea, although it would mean your daily values of royal jelly per teaspoon is too high, and the jar would cost over $600 (royal Jelly costs $80 per 10gm) and lastly the moisture levels of that product would be too high causing the honey to ferment. If needing higher levels of daily intake of Royal Jelly we would recommend our Fresh Product in 10gram vials. thanks for your feedback - much appreciated.

Gunasekaram P.
New Zealand New Zealand
Very good

Very good quality and good delivery Thanks

Ahmed D.
New Zealand New Zealand
Nice product and it will be better .

I prefer if it is with Manuka Honey. it will be more delicious .


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NZ Royal Jelly & Honey 357g glass jar NZ royal Honey from NZ with pancakes NZ Royal Jelly & Honey 357g glass jar with Royal Jelly tablets at breakfast
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