Happy Valleys UMF License

Happy Valleys UMF License
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Happy Valleys UMF License

We are registered members of UMFHA


Is Happy Valley a registered member of UMFHA? Yes we are, and we have been registered license-holder of UMFHA (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association) since 2014

Choosing a Mānuka honey product with a UMF® rating ensures you are buying genuine Mānuka Honey, verified by the internationally valued UMF® grading system for purity and quality. Click here to learn more about UMF

You can trust we are qualified and accredited to display the UMF quality trademark on our Mānuka honey products and that our Mānuka honey is raw and real genuine Mānuka honey from New Zealand. 

But even with great trade marks like UMF unfortunately there is still uncertainty on what Mānuka Honey brand you can trust. So we think it is always best to give yourself peace of mind by double check the authenticity of your Mānuka honey company before you purchase! Click here to learn more about how to avoid buying fake Mānuka honey. 

You can find Happy Valley's license here under: NZ Honey Group Ltd Licence #2024

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