Springtime in a beehive

Springtime in a beehive

Spring is in the air! 


The relaxing has come to an end, spring is a busy time of the year not just for our bees but our beekeepers too... Let's take a closer look at our beehives during spring!

The season for new life


Just like every other animals in spring, spring is the time for new life!

If you read our blog post 'what's happening in our hives in winter' you would know that during the winter months our worker bees do the important, but some what burial job of kicking the drone bees (the male bee's) out of the hive.

It's important to keep only those who are necessary to get through the cold months. ⁠Drone bee are a reliability when resources are scarce. That's because a drones bees only role in the hive is mating with the queen, and she is having none of that during the winter months.

But when spring hits there really is a hive of activity... 

The queen bee starts laying again and slowly the drone bees population is replaced.

Not only is new life being created, the trees and plants begin to bloom, which means just like that nectar and pollen can begin to be brought back to the hive by the plentiful.

Our spring beekeeping to-do list


If the bees are busy that too mean our beekeepers are working hard too, all across New Zealand.

Starting with the warmer parts of the country ( where spring weather hits first) our beekeepers will be checking on the hives to:

Determine how well each colony made it through the winter
Checking our queen bees
Ensuring our bees still have enough food
Treating any issues and feeding the colony
Creating more room in the hive if they need it


Our spring essentials


So what bee products do we suggest to use this springtime? There are a few some you may have yet to tried!

Mānuka honey


Okay yes, Mānuka honey will always be on our top list why? Because it's so versatile!

Look for UMF 5+ & 10+ for everyday usage to help maintain your immunity, as a sweetener and to just enjoy the unique taste of Mānuka honey. 

Use UMF 20+ & 15+ to treat more targeted problems, such as your gut health, cut, wounds and burns. Learn more about the benefits of Mānuka honey here 

These will really give you a spring in your step (sorry, how could we not?)

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NZ Propolis Tincture 25%


Our bees collect propolis from the sap of trees, they then mix it with their own enzymes and beeswax. Propolis create a natural sterile environment, our bees use it use to seal and protects their hive from diseases. 

Support your immunity year around with propolis which is full of bioflavonoids and other bioactive compounds providing support not only for you immune system but can help to heal cuts and wounds too! 

Bee Pollen Granules


Winter colds and lower immunity can commonly drag through into spring. Try our Bee Pollen granules to help boost your immunity - it's a natural multi-vitamin.

Leave the winter blue behind and start spring with energy in your steps. Bee pollen is a great natural energizer. Don't just slurp down a honey stick when your low on energy, but set yourself up for long lasting success.

Bee pollen has a mixture of carbohydrates, protein and vitamin B's that can help to enhance stamina and reduce fatigue.

It is not uncommon among athletes to use bee pollen as a natural all day energy booster, this knowledge has been around for some years now - have you heard of Muhammad Ali? Read more about his love for bee pollen here

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Mānuka Oil 

Spring calls for spring cleaning. Did you know that we use 1000's of chemical in our homes? Help reduce them with Mānuka oil. Just like Mānuka honey, Mānuka oil contains great antibacterial effects, naturally.

Which means you can spring clean your home properly without introducing potentially harmful chemicals. Learn how to clean with Mānuka oil here.

The benefits of the Mānuka tree isn't new, Māori have Mānuka for many years, learn more about Ronga Māori here.

Mānuka on-the-go honey sticks


Now that your not conflicted (as much) on if it may rain, perhaps adventures of all kinds are on the horizons?

Going for exercise or going on a holiday? Never be without the benefits of Mānuka honey or a quick and healthy energy boost! Learn more about honey & exercise here

Our UMF tested individual Mānuka honey packets are from recycled plastic and is the perfect gym buddy and travel pack to take on-the-go. 

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Royal Skin Care


With change in seasons it's important to transition your skincare routine to match. Warmer weather may mean your skin is more likely to breakout (when it's more humid your skin can become more oily).

Add or Royal Skin Brightening Exfoliator  and our Royal Skin Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen to your spring skin routine. 

Our exfoliator has all the benefits of a typical exfoliator but its also gentle on the skin, non-drying, but not too heavy or greasy so it won't lead to a spring breakout.

With spring comes extra sunlight - yay! But that does mean you have to start being more careful with UV rays, so a light SPF moisture is a must! Learn more about what you can do for your skin though the seasons here.



Warmer weather mean more entertaining, wow your guests and tasty up your cheese platers with honeycomb. Eating honeycomb is delicious and lets face it - totally intsagramable!

Check our or baked brie with honeycomb recipe here.