Baked Brie & Honeycomb

Baked Brie & Honeycomb


Brie & honeycomb 'bee-long' together and better yet bake it! Perfect why to show off at your next party.

Don't have honeycomb to dress up your next cheese platter? Don't worry you can use drizzle or spoon any other honey or grab our honeycomb from our website or visit us instore today!




1 small wheel of Brie ⁠
3 wedges of Happy Valley Honeycomb⁠ or Chucky Honey
30g of Nuts of your choice

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1. Cook your wheel of Brie at 160 °C for 7-10 minutes until soft, not bursting.

2. Transfer the cooked Brie carefully to a serving dish.

3. Top with nuts of your choice (salty are best) and honeycomb.


Easy as that! So tasty and simple, you will for sure have very happy guests when you serve this dish at your next get together!

Don't forget to tag us in your creations!

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 Honeycomb on Brie cheese and crackers, prefect for entertaining