Te Reo Māori Week 2021

Te Reo Māori Week 2021

The importance of Te Reo Māori within Happy Valley


What's Te Reo Māori?


Te Reo Māori is the indigenous language of Aotearoa, New Zealand. It is one of our three official languages and is a central part of the Māori culture and heritage of our country.⁠

This week  is Te Reo Māori Language Week here in New Zealand (13th - 21st September 2021). Māori Language week promotes the public use of Te Reo and creates awareness and learning of Māori Language.


Why is Te Reo Māori so important to us here at Happy Valley?


Te Reo Māori is particularly important to here at Happy Valley as each day we are entrusted with Te Reo Māori on our products.

From Mānuka, Rewarewa, Kamahi, Tawari to Pohutukawa honey there are so many special (and incredibly tasty) kinds of honey that are unique to Aotearoa and that bear their Māori name.

Here at Happy Valley, we feel very privilege to be able to bring native New Zealand honey's and language from our hives to homes all around the world.


Learn some Te Reo Māori with us:


And of course, it wouldn't be Māori Language Week without learning ⁠some Te Reo bee-related words:⁠

English Name:  Te Reo Māori Name: Pronunciation:
Bee P
Honey Honi Ho·ne
Pollen Hae Hi
Beehive Pouaka pī Po·ak·a p
Flower Puaka po·a·ka


Love the taste of our native New Zealand honey's but not sure how to pronounce them properly? Here is how you pronounce our native honey names correctly:

NZ Native Honey Names: Pronunciation:
Mānuka Maa·nuh·kuh
Rewarewa Ree·wuh·ree·wuh
Kamahi Kaa·maa·hee
Tawari Taa·ree·wuh
Pohutukawa Pow·hoo·too·kau·uh


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