Honey Glazed Bacon 5 Ways

Forget maple bacon.
Have you tried honey glazed bacon?


If you haven't now it the time! with so many option to dress this up or down (just honey), our honey glazed bacon is sure to satisfy all members of the family!

Not just a sugary bacon you breakfast made even happier with the benefits of Mānuka Honey!

Honey Glazed Bacon 5 Ways

Glazed Honey Bacon 5 or More Ways



- 200 g of streaky bacon 
- 3 tsp. of honey ( we used Mānuka UMF 5+)
- Optional:  Sea salt, Chill Flakes, Fresh Thyme, Cinnamon



Preheat oven to 180° Grill
Place streaky bacon individually on a lined baking tray
Drizzle slightly warmed honey onto the bacon
Add optional toppings: Sea salt, Chill Flakes, Fresh Thyme or Cinnamon 

Honey drizzled bacon topped with Sea salt, Chill Flakes, Fresh Thyme, Cinnamon
We added all 4 options separately on our bacon streak's, so everyone could pick their favorite!


Cook untilled desired crispiness and serve
For extra happiness serve our honey bacon on top of our Honey French Toast or Paleo Pancakes.


 Honey Bacon on top of Honey French Toast