Honey Halloween Treats

Honey Halloween Treats

Halloween can have your kids buzzing all month long with sugary treats left right and centre. Make your own simple treats this Halloween with honey as a sweetener.

Try spooky up our Mānuka honey bliss balls, create our own healthier version of gummies with Mānuak honey & Propolis, create a honey toffee apple or get extra spooky with mummified honey bubble slice.  

Don't worry if your short for time and can't make these recipes from scratch, you can always try handing out our on-the-go Mānuka Honey sticks as a healthy prepackaged alternative! 


Spooky Halloween Mānuka Honey Bliss Balls


Halloween Bliss Ball decoration ideas Spider Bliss Balls

These spookily good and healthy bliss balls are loved by people of all ages! They are so easy to make, we can make them in our sleep, the hardest part of these is decorating these without eating all the 'props'.

Our Mānuka Honey Bliss Balls are the perfect recipe to make with your kids.  Have fun decorating spooky bliss ball eyeballs, spiders, bats and other creatures.

Your options here are endless here just use your imagination!  

Halloween lollie byboboandboo

Scary Mānuak Honey Gummies For Halloween


Everyone is seen eating lollies during Halloween, give into the lollie cravings but in a healthy way with Mānuka Honey Gummies.

Just follow our recipe and use your favorite Halloween themed molds to create some funky Halloween treats! 


Honey Caramel Apple with nuts by Taste of Home 

Classic Halloween Honey Toffee Apple


Caramel apples are a Halloween classic, the mixture of the sweetness of caramel and the sour fresh taste of Granny Smith apples are a match made in heaven. 2

The hardest part of this recipe by Taste Of Home is waiting for your caramel to set before digging it - yum! 



1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup honey
6 wooden pop sticks
6 medium green apples, chilled
Chopped honey-roasted peanuts, optional



    In a large saucepan, combine whipping cream and honey over medium heat. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer until thermometer reads 260°, about 30 minutes. Remove from heat; allow to thicken 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    Meanwhile, insert a wooden pop stick into the core of each apple. Dip apples in caramel mixture, rolling to coat evenly. If desired, roll in honey-roasted peanuts. Place on waxed paper; refrigerate or store in a cool location until caramel is set, about 30 minutes.


    Mummified Honey Bubble Slice


    Add melted chocolate to your rice bubble slice to mick a mummy!  Use store store chocolate or make your own version with our Honey Chocolate recipe ( this will mean your mummys wraps will be dirty (aka make with coco).

    Simply dip and drip chocolate on you slice, take away teh dipping step to make the whole process even easier. 

    Use our added Sugar Free Honey Bubble Slice recipes to make these super simple & effective mummified slices for Halloween. 

    Mundified Rice Bubble slice Image from: Metro