Honey Milk Tea

Honey Milk Hot Tea with cake

Honey Milk Tea Hot Drink

Love a hot drink but not into the sweetness of a hot chocolate and don't want a caffeine hit from tea or coffee?

Honey milk is the perfectly sweet, warm and relaxing drink to add to your day or night!

Warm milk is the the ideal way to help you relax and get to sleep better, but warmed milk its not everyone's 'cup of tea'. Adding honey can help improve the flavor and using Mānuka honey means your adding extra benefits!

Depending on your diary and tastebud requirements this recipes will work for any type of milk, so never fear milk alternative lovers you can still enjoy this delightful honey tea.


Serve: 1 person
Time: 5 minutes 



- 1 Cup of Milk of your choice 
- 1 Tsp of 5+ UMF Mānuka Honey 



In a saucepan heat milk on medium low until desired temperature.

When milk is heated, stir in one teaspoon of 5+ UMF Mānuka Honey until dissolved.

Pour into your favorite mug to enjoy all the benefits of Mānuka Honey and the joys of a hot drink!


If your feeling extra extravagant add some vanilla or spices; nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice for some added flavor.