How to enjoy your UMF Manuka Honey for Natural Health

How to enjoy your UMF Manuka Honey for Natural Health

How to enjoy & store your Mānuka Honey 


In a nut shell the compounds in Mānuka honey have been scientifically proven to be antibacterial in nature, but also has been credited with having antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.


How to consume your Mānuka Honey?


How you enjoy your honey is really up to you, there are so many delicious and easy ways to add many benefits and taste of Mānuka to your life. Here are just some of the ways we recommend:

1. Diluting in hot or cold water 
This is the way doctors recommend taking manuka honey for a cough remedy

2. Straight off the spoon or straight from the stick 

3. A natural sweetener and sugar replacement in drinks, cooking and baking
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4. Add to recipes, drizzle over and into smoothies cereals, yoghurt and breakfasts

5. DIY Face and Beauty recipes for topical applications 
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6. Direct to your skin to add and lock in moisture,
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How do you store your Manuka Honey?


Honey can last forever, that's right, if kept in the right condition you can eat honey well past its best before date! But when it comes to manuka honey and harnessing it's many benefits we do need to follow a few rules, we recommend:

1. Best kept at ambient room temperature, that means in the pantry - not the fridge.

2. Cold temperatures can cause crystallization in honey, where it returns to its natural state

3. Likewise warm temperatures can cause the honey to return to it's natural liquid state.


All of our honey is 100% natural so if it goes hard, or liquid - both are natural states of honey and can still be eaten. Because we collect direct from nature the honey can vary in both colour, thickness and texture from batch to batch, region to region, year to year- all because well, nature is unique and always evolving and changing.