Holiday Kid Activities Ideas

Holiday Kid Activities Ideas

New Zealand Holiday Activities for Kids 


Need so ideas to help keep you kids active, learning these holidays. These activities are perfect for rainy days or when you just want to escape the sun for  a little while.




Get the kids involved in making their holiday snacks and treats. Try our favorite child free snack recipes below or check out our whole range of honey recipes on our website.

Chocolate Honey & Nut Slice:

All the tasty things little ones love with some of the nutrition us parents look for. Perfect to add to lunch boxes this chocolate, honey & nut slice can be enjoyed by all ages. Mix and change up the nuts you use to your liking! Perhaps even add some dried fruit too!

5 Minute Honey Mug Cake:

Someone craving cake but you don't have the time to do it? try our super fast (and mess free) honey mug cake recipe. 

Oat Muesli Bars:

On-the-go these holiday our oaty muesli bar will keep you kids full, happy and it's super easy so they can totally get involved in the process! 

Crunchy One Pot Cookies:

One pot for the win! There is no better feeling then entertaining your kids without a massive mess to tidy up too, our one pot honey cookie recipe is bound to go down well! 

Honey Bubble Slice:

You can beat a classic, and it's even better when you skip adding extra sugar! 

Ingredeinet for Rice Bubble Slice: rice bubbles in a bowl, UMF 5+ manuka & butter


Explore & Learn


Do a bit of learning at home. Learn all about how our honey gets from our hives to your home. Explore our endless less of blogs to help your children learn more about the magical life of bees.

Check out:


Get Creating


Get doing, help save the bees from the comfort of your own home- make a DIY  Bee Hive, give the bees water to help hydrate them with a DIY Bee Water Station, or check out our 2021 Bee Aware Month blog for even more content you can do with your children these holidays.