Honey-Glazed Ham & More Christmas Honey Recipes

Honey-Glazed Ham & More Christmas Honey Recipes

2021 Delicious Christmas Recipes with Honey 


Seriously how did 2021 go so fast?! This year has been full of ups and downs at the Happy Valley hive, but Christmas time is always an up for us! As a family-run business, we take Christmas to spend with our family, trying to talk about anything other than honey and eating everything with it.

For our beekeepers, summer is the busiest time of year as flowers bloom and bees are 'buzy' collecting what we love the most - honey!

Of course, we bee-lieve that Honey is the perfect addition to every meal epically your Christmas feast. So we have created a list of recipes you should try this festive season - if you did try one of our recipes don't forget to tag us on our socials, we just love seeing what you get up to.

Happy holidays and happy cooking! 

- Love the Happy Valley Team xx


Christmas Meal Ideas:



  1. 1. Christmas Honey Breakfast Ideas

  2. 2. Honey Christmassy Drinks

  3. 3. Honey Main Meals for the Holidays

  4. 4. Festive Honey Sides

  5. 5. Tasty Honey Dressings/Glazes 

  6. 6. Celebratory Honey Desserts & Sweets




 Honey Thyme Yogurt

Start the day off lightly with a delicious and light breakfast of Greek yogurt, honey & thyme. Have by its self or pair with our Granola or French Toast.

French Toast 

We have two delicious Honey inspired french toast recipes for you to choose from, and they won't disappoint! Try a simple more traditional Honey French Toast Recipe, pair me with Honey Bacon and Honey Thyme Yogurt to jazz it up. Or try something a bit different - Orange Mango French Toast with Honey Roasted Strawberry Compote

Honey Bacon

Take your bacon to the next level by glazing it in honey, with endless options to change it up; chilli, cinnamon, thyme, salt etc. you can add Honey Glazed Bacon to any dish savoury or sweet. 

Homemade Honey Granola 

Make this in advance to lighten your Christmas day cooking list. Granola is sure to please everyone and the options are endless, get creative, switch and change the ingredients to suit your friends and family and what's in your cupboard. 

Honey Burcher

Another great way to prep x-mas breakfast in advance is with a homemade burcher. Go simple with our Buckwheat Bircher or adventure out with our Pear Bircher Muesli with Honeyed Ricotta and Raspberries recipe. 

 Honey Crumpets

Put your cooking skills to the test and try to create homemade Crumpets. This recipe is sure to wow your guest and fill your friends & family up through gift-giving time. 

Hotcakes with Honey Rum & Apple Butter

You can't go wrong with Pancakes, pancakes and honey are a match made in heaven, you really can't go wrong. Add honey to a rum and apple butter and you will get the tastiest pancakes you will ever try! 

Try our 100% Pure Liquid Honey, buy online or from selected New Zealand supermarkets, perfect for busy mornings. Or add the many benefits of Mānuka Honey to your morning with ease with our Squeezy UMF Mānuka Honey range.

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Red Wine & Honey Sangria

A cold Sangria is the perfect alcoholic Christmas drink to sip and refresh your way through the hot New Zealand summer Christmas weather. With so many ways to change it up, Sangria is sure to impress.

Black Cherry Cocktail

Satisfy the Bourbon lovers with our Mānuka Honey Black Cherry Cocktail, both men and women will love the taste of this drink, cherries scream Christmas time so why not make it into a drink!

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Delightful Summery Drinks

Check out a full range of summery drinks for all ages in our blog post: Delightful Summery Drinks. These recipe ideas are perfect for all summer and have alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. 


Main Meals:


Honey Glazed Ham

Okay, we might have to admit we have really got a collection of different honey glazes for Christmas ham. But there are so many great honey ham glazes for you to try - from Mānuka Honey and Orange Glazed Ham, a Brown Sugar and Honey Glaze or Honey & Marmalade Christmas Ham.

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 Sticky Honey Ribs

There is no better time of  the year to take try out recipes that take just a little bit more prepping. Long days and days to enjoy the sun means more time to try honey glazed ribs. These recipes are sure to be crowd-pleasers try our Sticky Ribs Recipe or give BBQ Spare Ribs Sauce a go this festive season. 

Roast Chicken

Do feel like splurging on a Christmas ham, ribs or a turkey chicken is a great alternative ( although you could totally use these recipes as a base for flavouring your Christmas turkey too). Try a range of honey chicken recipes from Crispy Roast Chicken or Roasted Chicken with Apricot and Honey Mustard. Or try our Citrus Honey Chicken with Chunky Peach Sauce recipe for Honey Soy Rangitikei Chicken Drumsticks instead of a whole chicken.

Honey Infused Salmon 

Looking for something lighter for Christmas lunch? Salmon is the perfect addition to any x-mas spread. have your pick of recipes from Honey, Lime & Pepper Salmon, Glazed Mānuka Salmon or have it a more as a side dish with our Manuka Glazed Salmon Salad.

Honey Roasted Lamb with Garlic Mashed Parsnips & Spuds

No need to fuss over side dishes this recipe is the full thing! We can promise our Honey Roasted Lamb will go down a treat if you even have anything left after the craver does their 'taste test'. 




 Couscous Salad

A couscous salad is fulling, super tasty and a great way to bulk up a plate. Don't be afraid to mix up the recipe by adding different nuts, dried fruit and maybe you could a bit of feta - teh options are endless! 

 Barbecue Tomato Salad

Try something totally different and perhaps out of your comfort zone. Add a pop of Christmas colours to the table with our Barbecue Honey Tomato Salad. Full of unique flavour, this recipe is light and super tasty. 

Honey & Beetroot 

There is totally something about summertime and beetroot, they are seriously are great pair. So light and full of flavour beetroot matched with honey is the perfect lightweight side for your Christmas feast. Create our Beetroot & Goat's Cheese Stacks with Rosemary & Honey Dressing or Beetroot Thyme & Goats Cheese Tart.

Honey Glazed Carrots

Once you taste Honey Glazed Carrots it  is seriously hard to have them any other way, no matter the age or fussiness level these carrots are sure to go down great!

Baked Brie with Honeycomb 

It should go with outside saying that honeycomb should be a part of your festivities this summer and baked brie with honeycomb should most definitely be a feature. If you are running behind and can't get your hands on honeycomb a drizzle of honey on your Baked Brie can still help elevate it, although we stick strongly to honeycomb being the best!  

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Roasted Honey Kūmara

If you are doing a roast or some sort Kumara is the obvious kiwi side of choice. Roasted Kumara is great as it but when you add honey to it takes it to a whole other level, add Honey Baked Kūmara to your Kiwi Christmas food list ideas.   


Dressings/Glazes:Christmas Honey Salad Dressings



Honey Dressing

Whatever salad you are planning to prepare these holidays our delicious and super easy Mānuka Honey Dressing is the perfect addition. Mustard lover? You must try our Honey Mustard Dressing.

Honey Glazes 

Copy any of the Honey Glazes ingredients from our recipes and add to meat or meat alternatives of your choice! 


Desserts & Sweets:Honey & Fig X-Mas Pav



Honey Gingerbread

Nothing says Christmas like Gingerbread and if you don't have the time or patience to create gingerbread men & women, then a Gingerbread loaf is the way to go! But if you are feeling extra creative then be sure to try our Christmas Spice Cookies.

Honey Christmas Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake is the epitome of Christmas time. This delicious Christmas Fruit cake can keep up for one month and take around 4 hours to make - although we struggle to keep it around the office for even a week...

Honey Panforte

Panforte is a beautifully dense and nutty Italian Christmas specialty. A little goes a long way with the delicious dessert! 

Ricotta Mousse with Roasted Strawberries

Strawberries bring the feeling of summer and a good Christmas, so why not include them in your Christmas lineup. Ricotta Mousse with Roasted Strawberries is light, tasty and easy to dress up or down, making it perfect for Christmas dinner parties.

Coconut Panna Cotta

Our yummy Coconut & Honey Panna Cotta recipe only takes 5 minutes to make, and a bit of time to leave to chill! So you can make these on the day (once the fridge start clearing up). 

Toffee Honey Pears

Your only need 4 ingredients in this recipe, best thing is you don't just have to stick with pears - bananas and other fruit work well in it's place. Add our Toffee Honey Pears alongside some vanilla ice cream and bon appetit!

 3 Ingredient Chocolate

You saw right you can create chocolate with just three ingredients, so if you forgot to add chocolate to the x-mas shopping list or just looking to reduce the sugar intake, don't fear! Dip your strawberries in our 3 Ingredient Chocolate, drizzle on the desert of your choice. 

Fig & Honey Pavlova 

Last not least a Pav, because it's not a Kiwi Christmas without a pavlova on the table! And it's not a Happy Valley Christmas without honey. We can all agree figs and honey are a match make in heaven add it to a Pav and your Christmas day just got a whole lot better!